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kinte cast #4: an evil kind of excitement for a managerial utopia

This was kinté cast #004 an evil kind of excitement for a managerial utopia. This show depends entirely on a Canadian interview by radio free school of the great, award-winning New York school teacher, John Taylor Gatto. We, here in the kinté space, entitle this interview, “John Taylor Gatto: Outing School.”

This is followed by the ingenious poetry of Fumilayo Bankole. She reads “War” from a presentation we entitle “Fumilayo Bankole: L.A. River.” We then move into tracks by Noam Chomsky in “Noam Chomsky: Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind” and former Black Panther, Elaine Brown in “Elaine Brown: The Condemnation of Little B,” talking about the ideals of the Enlightenment, the right for man to self-control one’s labor, what slavery really means and how the fate of Blackness is intimately tied with the fate of whiteness.

The next move is toward the power of nothingness, protesting in the singing voice of Cassendre Xavier in the presentation we entitle, “Cassendre Xavier: Nothing Is All I Need.” After nothingness comes the world-renown poet Chris Abani reciting “Libation” by Lucille Clifton in “Chris Abani: Break a Leg” here in the kinté space. We end this show with a few well-chosen words by Professor William H. Watkins in “William H. Watkins: The White Architects of Black Education.” Sounds/music sources by Bill Laswell, his “Ambient Realms” release from Sony Creative Software. So, yes, “life is hard”—and, by the end of this episode of the kinté cast, we should have a better idea where the concrete factory is…

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kinte cast #3: Othello, the Moor of Venice

This was kinte cast #3, "Othello, the Moor of Venice." It starts with some magnetic tape recordings I made in college (at UCSB circa 1987) with my second serious girlfriend, Saundra Esparza, and her roommate (the flute player you heard) Tasha---I'm sorry I don't remember her last name and she's really cool.

Next, comes a track from Steve Connell's "Intimate Nature of Knife Fights"---I call this track "country lies between us" and the excellent vocals sets the tone for reaching the character of Desdemona in this show. I apologize for not knowing who this vocalist is---and any accusations of this thing "we" might call "reverse racism" is a gross misrepresentation. You can purchase this Steve Connell work from

So: we get to my favorite Julliard graduate, Saundra Quarterman, playing Desdemona in a sound-space I designed, using audio from a Spanish museum, La Casa Encendida, in Vernissage TV footage from Heinrich Schmidt and his dedicated team. Check out the 2009 "quick interview" of Vernissage TV celebrating their 1000th video at

Then we jump into my spoken word piece from many years ago, called "girlfriend is paula cole," that should be found at (and personality "Psychedea" speaks next in "Effects of Racial Discrimination on Interracial Couples"---and she is followed by another lovely lady, "ChockeyMe," with "Interracial Relationships & Ignorance."

My spoken word soundtracks return with "girlfriend is paula cole part 2" which leads into my attempt to play a few lines as Othello---the sound components used in this scene come from Kit Watkins, his "Ambient Realms" collection for Sony Creative Software. By the way I auditioned for Othello way back in my freshman days at UCSB and broke out into an uncontrollable laughing fit. Obviously, I didn't get the part.

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kinte cast #2: enter the roach messiah

This jam-packed episode is a meditation on one regular guy from the good state of Texas. Featured voices in order of appearance are:

  • Njoki Njehu of Kenya with The V-Man of (now 101.1 FM) in Santa Cruz in a show called "What's Missing in US/Africa Policy?"
  • Dr. John Marciano, Professor Emeritus, State University of New York, lecturing in a presentation called "Empire As A Way Of Life."
  • Harold Pinter, speaking for his acceptance of the 2005 Nobel Prize of Literature in a show called "Art, Truth and Politics" produced by Maria Gilardin of
  • Amiri Baraka with Franklin and Commodore, KBFR, Boulder Free Radio (Colorado), featuring the banned poem "Somebody Blew Up America."
  • Dr. Amos Wilson, a psychologist speaking in a presentation called "White Imperialism and Black Self-Annihilation"---this recording comes from sampler we called "Doctoral Warriors for the African Mind."

Music in order of appearance:

  • Cassendre Xavier, performing "Love Is a Battlefield" composed by Mike Chapman and Holly Knight in a streaming audio presentation we call "Nothing Is All I Need."
  • Afrofraktal, performing "Enter the Roach Messiah",
  • Timeka Drew, performing "killing alley"
  • Fumilayo Bankole, performing "Digital Chip" from her CD Baby album, L.A. River, which is featured in the streaming audio presentation "L.A. River."

Audio components used in this mix include:

Most of the voices in this kinté cast are a remix of complete streaming audio presentations at

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kinte cast #1: the snow makes you serious

This is talking about the weather with some of the finest storytellers in the business. Featuring the spoken word of nabiyah, this episode features (in order of appearance):

Music components in the mix come from Robert Rich via Sony Creative Software. An interlude comes from ComedyGuy30, "Soccer in the Snow" (

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